Saturday, March 20, 2010

Evan Kaminsky -Bearlesque Performer and Beauty Guru

In my preparation for my misadventures for my IBR Beauty Pageant, I knew I needed a little "Bear Care" which as luck would have it, Evan Kaminsky is an expert. Evan won the last Bearlesque Talent Search and is in the show with my Bear quartet. He is a funny, talented individual. He has a business called " Oui Three Queens". In between making brides exquisite and prepping actresses for photo-shoots, he takes care of bears. He butched up this little cub with some unusual beard tinting techniques that were interestingly effective. I also had several fantastic scented lotions and cleansers and masks applied to my face to tighten pores and give me a glow that gave me that freshly f*#@d look sans penetration. The shoulder and upper back massage were DIVINE! It was all done in a quiet sweet smelling little area near the Potrero Hill industrial area. If you want to treat yourself -Evan is the Bear for the job. Here is a little interview. Enjoy! Oh and an appointment just don't let it interfere with

Where did you grow up and if not in SF what brought you here?

Born and raised in Palm Springs, CA, I did the opposite of many gay men. I
moved from the gay retirement capitol to the city by the gay in 1994. I
wasn't out of the closet yet, nor realized I was gay, but I was drawn to San
Francisco without ever visiting. At the time I had a passion for acting and
singing, but was encouraged to have a career to fall back on. I had worked
in hotels and restaurants throughout high school and decided to go for Hotel
Restaurant management and attended Golden Gate University. San Francisco was
the best place for me to persue that career as well as a career in
performance. In less than one year, San Francisco's magic cast its spell and
I not only did I come out, but I also left GGU to go to San Francisco State
University and study Theater.

What are you passionate about these days?

I've always been passionate about performance, and on my journey I
discovered a talent for makeup artistry and later for skin care and
grooming. In 2001 I opened Oui, Three Queens Productions
( where I established myself as on of San Francisco's
independent makeup specialists. A few years later I attended beauty school
and became licensed as an esthetician. I've expanded my practice to include
skin care and grooming for the hirsuit man called Bear Care! I am very
passionate about my work in the beauty and grooming industry and I'm glad
that it has now enabled me to return to the stage to continue my true love
of performance and entertainment.

Where do you think you fit in to the Bear Community?

I used to think that bears were one of two things:

A)Circuit party twinks who stopped doing drugs, shaving their chests, and
gained weight.
B)Drag Queens who stopped doing drugs, shaving their chests and gained

I was never much of a circuit queen, but I was a fabulous drag queen in my
day. And yes, I did stop shaving my face and chest, and I did gain weight,
but that didn't make me a bear...that made me a fat hairy ex drag queen.
The bear community to me, is really a group of gay men that don't quite fit
into the typical stereotypes and scenes in the gay community. It's a place
for those that either are not effeminant, or prefer the masculine look (cus
face it, some bears are masculine looking and very sexy, then open their
mouths and their purse falls out), but the beauty of the bear community for
me is that it encompasses all of that. In nature,bears come in all shapes
and sizes, and I think it's the same in the Bear community. If the bear
community were a dog pile, I'd be right in the middle.

What do you think the Bear Community should be focusing on as a whole these

The key word is Community. There will always be those who are insecure, or
over confident, or bitchy, or butchy, femme or fat and any combination, but
the important thing is that we all get along and support one another for
being the individuals we are. It is important to me to continue to have a
community that is accepting, supportive, relaxed and enjoy their lives and
their sexuality. Attitudes and assumptions should stay at the door.

How would an ideal date for you go?

For me, an ideal date would include effortless good conversation, lots of
laughter, even more flirting, and of course I have to make sure he's a good
kisser...(otherwise we might as well be friends). If those elements are
there, it really doesn't matter where we go or what we do. I definitely
enjoy it when someone I'm into pursues me (without being creepy) and it is
always nice to be asked out...

Do you have a fetish? If so what is it?


If you wanna know my kinks, you gotta find out first hand!

What made you decide to get involved in my show?

It is time that Evan Kaminsky is known in this city for his acting, singing
and comedy without having to put on a wig and a dress...besides , You gotta
love getting half naked for those that really appreciate it!

Anything you want to say to all the Bears and Cubs out there?

Not only am I blessed with a full beard, a furry chest, stomach and ass, and
a great smile, but I'm also blessed to be surrounded by so many great
people, bears and cubs alike, who entertain, comfort and of course turn my

Evan Kaminsky, Beauty Guru

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