Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bearlesque Guest Performer Erik Green

 Erik Green has the dubious honor of being the first winner in my talent search last November at The Powerhouse. He is a busy busy boy and exemplifies the type of persona I wanted to contribute to this project. His avid interest in music singing and playing the bass are a nice addition to the troupe. He is always up for fun and fond of the Daddies. So here's his interview - be sure to come see his act in the show. I can't predict just how uninhibited he may become on fasten those audience seat belts

Where did you grow up and if not in SF what brought you here?

I was born in Detroit and grew up in the suburbs, then moved to East
Lansing for school (BA and MA at Michigan State University).  After
graduating, I decided there was no future for me in Michigan, so I
packed up my car and drove across the country to the gay mecca I had
fallen in love with during Spring Break visits.  I have family who
live in Oakland, so I crashed with them while getting established in
the Bay Area.

What are you passionate about these days?

The San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus.  I auditioned for the chorus my
first week in California - even before I had a job or an apartment!
The chorus was an instant family of 200 amazing men (and women!) and
has been my support network and my passion for the past three years.
I'm now on the Board of Directors and also preparing to be the opera
diva for our "Rockaria!" concert on April 22 at Davies.

Where do you think you fit in to the Bear Community?

I love telling people that I identify as a raccoon - I'm not really
big or furry enough to be a cub, but not quite sleek enough to be an
otter.  So instead I'm stuck in the middle as a cute, pudgy raccoon,
relying on my good looks and mischievous attitude to net my men!  I do
have otter aspirations, but I enjoy the fact that it's mostly
semantics with the Bears - you can be whatever label you want (or none
at all) and still just enjoy a nice afternoon in the back of the

What do you think the Bear Community should be focusing on as a whole these

Becoming politically organized.  I was so impressed this past year
when the MovieBears - a purely social organization - decided they had
to take a stand against CineMark and the owner's contributions to Prop
8.  Their boycott proved that as a community we really do have some
political clout, and when we organize together for something beyond
drinking beer or watching movies, we can accomplish a lot!  I see this
mentality somewhat reflected in the beneficiaries of the beer busts
and the charities at IBR, but I'd love to see more of this reflected
within the community.  The "gay community" on a political field always
seems to be the twinky white politicians - bears need to take a stand
and show we're just as politically active as anyone else.

How would an ideal date for you go?

I'm a huge romantic, so I trend very traditional when it comes to
ideas of "ideal".  I'd like to go out with someone I've known for at
least a little while - someone I've talked with and who can hold my
interest.  An afternoon spent walking the city, holding hands and just
window shopping - or perhaps a walk along Golden Gate Park down to the
beach.  Dinner someplace non-American (I love Mediterranean, Indian,
Japanese...)  Great conversation and banter, leading to some dancing
at a club.  Afterwards he'd take me home, make sure we have our
schedules clear for the next day, and spend the next twelve hours
sleeping, talking, cuddling, and making love.

Do you have a fetish? If so what is it?

I wouldn't call it a fetish per se, but I have a thing for older guys.
Salt and pepper beards and laugh lines are a huge turn-on for me!  I
love those physically signs of someone mature who's laughed and smiled
a lot in their life.

What made you decide to get involved in my show?

Well, I was drunk at a beer bust and you had sign-up sheets for some
sort of bear talent competition.  Being the diva that I am, I agreed
to help you out in my buzzed haze.  After realizing just what exactly
I signed up for I said I'd be glad to help someone else with their
fundraising efforts - especially since I'm such an exhibitionist and
happy to strip to my skivvies at a moment's notice!

Anything you want to say to all the Bears and Cubs out there?

Come to the show!  And bring dollars!  Oh - and can anyone tell me if
there are any bear events in Santa Cruz?  I'm moving down there to
start a PhD in the fall, and I'm worried I may have to drive back home
to San Francisco for my fix of big furry men!

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