Monday, February 1, 2010

Bearlesque Talent Search -Contest at The Edge

If anyone is hosting an event to fund raise, I urge you to contact Dave or Matt at The Edge bar on 18th street in San Francisco. Your event will go effortlessly and they will do it all to make sure it is a success. I am sure glad that I did. The weekend of the 23,24 they hosted my event as well as the SF Gay Men's Chorus and each event was well attended.

I wasn't even nervous the day of the contest because they had everything so well organized. I was a tad disappointed that I didn't have any items to auction -but my contestants took care of that during the second part of the contest. -BUT I get ahead of myself. Let me run the cast of contestants by you one more time: We had the very popular Bo Hoshaw who clearly everyone in the bar knew. When I brought him to the stage he brought an incredible round of cheers. Did I mention that Bo has almost 4000 facebook friends? Ok ok I know what you are getting at. You think I put him in the Talent Search so I could have a few 1000 people at my event'd be right! The important thing you need to know here is that THIS boy can sing!!! He did "Wanted Dead or Alive" and really brought it to the stage. It didn't hurt any that he is quite adorable too. He is doing an event this coming weekend at the Edge for Haiti Earthquake Relief. Stop by and meet him yourself.

We also had "Cougar Cub" Marco Middlesex who did a parody of Lady GaGa in a song titled "Bad Bromance". He exuded a lot of dance energy, but we couldn't hear the lyrics of the parody due to the fact that the bar was filled to capacity with chatty bears and he may have benefited from a possible sound check so he could gauge how close to hold the mic. I really appreciated Marco's energy and commitment to the contest.  He works for a great program called "A Leg Up Animal Rescue".This is a non-profit organization that specializes in rescuing, fostering and finding adoptive, loving people for sweet little doggies! Check him out on Facebook under Marco n Kylie. Kylie is his sweet little doggie by the way.

Dave Naden approached me on Facebook a few days before the competition and the sweet little cub was a welcome addition. He belted out in a strong voice an Elvis Costello tune that had quite a few bears bobbing their heads. I hope we all hear and see more of Dave. I greatly appreciated his friendly professionalism.

The comically gifted Evan Kaminsky was unaware that I had asked participants to stick with a rock or pop song choice-but he won everyone over with an old favorite. " If I can't sell it, I'm gonna sit on it." With his large eyes and delicate hand flutters he had everyone giggling. As judge Greg Burger so aptly put it, " We greatly appreciated you channeling your inner large black woman." Evan has worked with some old friends at Artful Circle and knows his way around a stage. I am glad to have met him finally. He had developed a new service within his beauty business just for us manly men (ahem) who enjoy feeling groomed called "Bear Care" He claims he can provide a happy ending -without the happy ending. He will be bearfully beautifying me for the IBR contest.

I have had a crush on contestant Bobby Jordan since I laid eyes on him a few months ago. He crooned a sexy soulful version of Moondance that truly wowed the audience. He gives off this sexy bad Daddy vibe that really entranced the crowd at The Edge. I know my heart was beating a little faster. I was exceptionally pleased that his generous boss gave him the afternoon off to sing for us.

Paul Brown KNOWS rock n roll. He blazed through  "Tales of the Brave Ulysses". During his performance he tore through the bar commanding attention with his basso prof undo voice.  He is a man of many talents and I strongly suggest you meet him. Orlando and I got to know him last Lazy Bear and he regaled us with many a fine tale. All three of my judges were quite impressed with him. He is sole owner of a  fantastic massage business that you must check out called of course-Paul Brown Massage

Speaking of my judges; I am indebted to them for helping out. Unfortunately two that I had asked were unable to attend and my best gal pal, actor and actress 'Drew Todd stepped in at the last minute. 'Drew has agreed to help my Cubettes with some choreography in the big show in April. Greg Burger will hopefully be working on my show as my Ed McMahon but when he judges my talent search he retains a Simon Cowell vibe. Rick Padre who is an SF panda bear fave by all accounts, guest starred and judged. He began the second half of the contest by showing off his hula prowess. He is so squeezable sweet and very affectionate.

I should tell you that most all my bears and cubs were TERRIFIED at stripping but that part of the show really captured the beer drinkers attention. We had about 50 people buy into the beer bust at $10 a head. Well let me tell ya- wallets were quickly yanked outta back pockets to show encouragement to our strippers. The Lemonade Fund made just over $500 at the start of the stripping part of the competition and quickly zoomed up to $985 after the boys shook their money makers. -Is there any wonder I am raising money this way? STOP Wondering!!! They were all simply fantastic and they thoroughly delighted the bar patrons. They were not sure what they were going to dance to which added to their apprehension. I had selected some appropriately sexy heavy beat dance tunes that not a single one had trouble to. 

I had gathered various goodies, donated my friend Marie Donabedian, for my contestants and the winner would get EXTRA goodies in a big gold bag. Judging was not easy. All three judges conveyed to me that there should be THREE winners of the day. Unfortunately I only had one gold bag. I pressed the judges to pick ONE winner. Evan Kaminsky became the judges "yes" and they all agreed he did Burlesque -Sexy, naughty and very funny....

In truth-all the guys were great. Bo was the obvious audience favorite and Bobby Jordan gave a slickly polished show and had the men panting. I could easily build a show with all 6 contestants. They all gave generously of themselves so I invited them all to be part of the show. Though Evan...Evan WILL get the funny song. Stay tuned.

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