Saturday, April 11, 2009

An Actor is in love

So I am dating again. Yep -never thought I could relax and let it happen but there are a several reasons it is going so well. (Knock wood).
Reason 1) He is hella hot
Reason 2) He is calm and isn't easily ruffled.
Reason 3) He is very practical and good with money
Reason 4) He owns a car
Reason 5) He lives 3 hours away from me
Reason 6) We "discuss" everything in a thoughtful manner and treat each other for respect
Reason 7) The sex is amazing

So Reason one works out for a number of reasons. He is bigger and stronger and 300 times more masculine than I. I need a man. I guess it's that internalized phobia rearing it's ugly head but I never could develop a romantic relationship with another queen. As my best friend 'Drew says, "kay kay taboo" (spell check) That means it is somehow against some natural law for two drag queens to be lovers. While I am a competent drag performer I don't think I have the chops that I have seen the experts pull off. Or should I say pull down and tuck away-OUCH!! I think a really good drag queen is into cock and ball torture -but hey I digress AGAIN!! The point is I am a HUUUUGE queen and he doesn't come close to behaving like a big girly girl the way I do. Oh and this a key element here-HE DOESN'T CARE ABOUT ME BEING A BIG QUEEN. I also like walking down the street and showing him off cuz he is so damned handsome. It's a remnant from a behavior in my 20s where I would casually wrap around whoever I was interested in and pull them in the vicinity of a large mirror. If we looked complimentary then that boded well. If I was overshadowed or he disappeared in the magnificence of my own beauty -that was a bad omen. The new man and I make a pretty cute couple if I do say so myself.

2) He is a simple guy by his own admission. I don't mean that pejoratively. He likes his pizza with cheese and pepperoni.I like sun dried tomatoes and Fontina D'Aosta (spell check) with organic Italian Sausage. He likes his steak medium well and I prefer Medium rare with a drizzle of Gorgonzola butter...I could go on but I am sure you get the picture. ALSO he is fabulously easy with his emotions. No hidden meanings that I have to use my psychic vampire skills to interpret. When he is mad he is mad and says so right away and he doesn't sit and sulk. I love that. While I actually am part Betazoid and can read people well, it's exhausting and I love that i don't have to do it with him.I also enjoy the fact that he is intelligent and can talk on a number of subjects. I glaze over a bit when he starts talking about cars or basket ball but he is okay with that.

3) He is a budget analyst! Helloooooo? I scored because my finances ARE A MESS! He actually stops me from getting that $125 facial. This is a good thing.

4)Um didn't I mention I don't drive? (JUST WAIT WEN I ATTEMPT TO GET MY LICENSE-YOU GUYS WILL LOVE THAT STORY) When he visits I can go to the grocery store and actually BRING HOME 3 BAGS OF GROCERIES!!! Hallelujah!!!

5) CLICHE HERE but sorry it's totally true. Absence does make the heart grow fonder. He and I have worked out a schedule that allows us to see each other almost every weekend with few exceptions. It will be tough these next few months because i have rehearsal every weekend but time will tell..right? The time apart allows us to reflect on the weekend before and figure out what kind of investment we really want to put into this relationship. The other days of the week WE TALK ON THE PHONE! I mean we discuss our lives and get to know each other, our days, our families, our jobs, our friends, our avocations-it's really a good thing to know all this stuff about each other.

6) Being with him has truly made me understand that unconditional love can happen with me. He is innately good and honest. I have even discussed this blog with him before posting it. Lines of communication are wide open. This should come as a surprise to some who "think" they know P.A. Cooley. I chalk it up to 45 years of age and heck...this man is worth the right compromises.

7) Hell YEAH!! (well did you honestly THINK I was going to go into detail about that on the internet?? Come on!)

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