Tuesday, March 31, 2009

An Actor has a rich fantasy life

I love my ipod. I have had two shuffles and the now extinct mini-ipod and I now own an emerald green nanopod. It's quite pretty and it can hold a 1000 songs. I don't think I need 10,000 songs that the regular Ipod does and I really have no interest in watching movies on my ipod -well not yet anyway. I have a fairly long commute. I do not own a car and I travel from San Francisco to Berkeley. It can sometimes take an astonishingly quick 50 minutes and other times an hour and a half. My employers understand how I have to travel and allow me to stay a little later to make up the time on those hour and a half days. It's really not difficult. During rush hour there are several busses to choose from that can get me to a BART ( Bay Area Rapid Transit)Station. Then the walk from the BART station to my place of employ is a pretty tree lined street with a great little bread bakery on the corner on the way. So I make this trip 5 times a week 2 times a day. I daydream. I daydream alot.

Today as I descended the steps of the North Berkeley BART station, I imagined I was walking down the marble steps of my palatial home to greet all my guest below in the ballroom. Nat King Cole was singing "Unforgettable" and of course...he was singing about me.

Maroon 5 was the soundtrack to my hit show dramedy on ABC about spunky cute middle-aged Gay White guy who ends up being the manny nanny for an extremely attractive Hispanic widower with 5 adorable but mischievous children. I love that one.

The opening credits of whatever imaginary TV show I would star in is typically my most favorite fantasy. Through the years I have starred in a shows that only play in my brain about Vampires, Detectives and Brideshead Revisted, Ghost hunters, UFO's and Aliens ( I am always the lovable earthling who ends up romantically involved with the sexy alien who is clearly a "Brother from Another Planet"

There were times where I frequently tried to rework a disagreement with a friend or co-worker as my I-Pod played the PERFECT song to the scene.

Many telekinetic Carrie like moments were set to Carmina Burana. The Castro becomes a burned out hole in the ground all because some man had wronged me. But I telekinetically rebuild it too...happy endings and all.

I love Faithless. "Insomniac" has been the soundtrack to my mind movie where I fell in love with a magician who really COULD do magic -if you know what I mean... He takes off nearly all his clothes to immerse himself in a tank of water after I -his trusty adorable assistant -handcuff him. He kisses me for luck in front of the audience and everything!!!

Linda Eder- a fab singer if you haven't heard her -take a listen- manages to inhabit my body and I become one of the greatest singers ever -right there while I am riding Muni or walking down Teresita Blvd. I sometimes slip up and do the movements and make people at the bus stop step away from me furtively.

Another favorite is Britney Spears "Lucky" -I change the lyrics to "hollywood guy" and I imagine singing to myself..like an Angel P.A. watching the Movie-star P.A. it while seeing how miserable and lonely the "Movie-star P.A." is -collapsing on his Jean Harlow inspired bed in a puddle of tears...Wonderfully bittersweet...

If it weren't for my Ipod and these over-the-top fantasies I might drink more...nah -I'd drink just as much Vodka as I do now...but I'd have a cleaner house.

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