Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We all need a Hero....

So Orlando came over this weekend and we rehashed what went on. Friday night, my best friend gal pal Good New England Girl 'Drew threw a Smallville party on Friday night. I am not a huge fan of the series but I enjoyed watching the episodes none-the-less. For those of you not in the know, Smallville is a series about a very young and extremely good looking Superman. Although for reasons I didn't want them to go into, he is called The Blue Blur in this current incarnation. In attendance were my ex-roomate , a theater cronie/co-worker, and Orlando and myself. 'Drew goes all out for these gatherings. He designed a cocktail called "Black Magic" in honor of one of the characters we were watching and he made a sage, savory, delicious Chicken and Biscuits. Cooked perfectly I might add- and the biscuits were shaped in little moons and stars> Like I said -He goes all out. His cooking is good and his specialty his baking. He is Alton Brown and I am mix of Rachael Ray and The Barefoot Contessa. I made a Mango, carrot and spinach salad and my non-vegetable eating boyfriend deemed it edible. My most sincere hope is that someday I prepare a meal that Oly actually says. "WOW" to -and even better -some night asks if I can make it AGAIN for him. Only time will tell because I have a vast repertoire of Home style cooking books at my fingertips and a fair amount of genetic talent in that area. Mom excelled at the delicious home cooked meal.

Orlando watched Smallville regularly and was excited about the party. He didn't share something in common with our host and guests I -admittedly was apprehensive about hanging out with the comic book geeks. There. I said it. Yes Drew and my other friends are full on comic book geeks. Each one has a very large library. They attend the conventions and everything They can give you detailed descriptions of each and every Super Hero AND it is IMPERATIVE that you know the difference between DC and Marvel -whatever THAT means. I look at my friends and try to figure out what makes them continue this fascination from age 13? Good Lord. These men are all in their 40s! ( Drew is older btw) They are single and all have careers in types of administration with lots of paperwork. Beyond that -I don't see what it is that makes a little boy obsess about comic books. I don't get it. Sure the heroes are sexy as hell with their amazing muscles and baskets but THEY ARE CARTOONS! I have figured it is a hold over from the straight gene. While each of these boys is a big ole cock suckin fag -the comic book thing is a distinctly "straight" teenage boy thing that has found a way into our Gay culture because well...the guys are hot. I'll even admit having a thing for Batman but it's gotten to the point that my eyes glaze over when they start babbling about Saturn Girl and Cosmo Boy and COMPLETELY unheard of superheroes that only the true geek would know about. I keep my knowledge BASIC. Batman, Superman and The Hulk and a slight fondness for Peter Parker. Spider man to the uninitiated. Also it is important to note that MY superhero lust only comes from the movies and TV. My comic books of choice were Casper, Audrey and Little Dot and Richie Rich! OMG I dreamed endlessly about being Richie Rich and having my lunch box made of Gold and playing with my dog, "Dollar" and having that cool Butler get me out of these narrow mishaps!!! Yeah...I still dream of being Richie Rich...and gold and big big houses that i could throw parties in and invite all 396 of my Facebook friends to....sigh...oh...wait -no comic books are no longer a part of my life. I swear! -Damn gotta go mix a pomotini

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