Wednesday, January 6, 2010

An Actor Cub's plate is FULL

Forgive my ramblings this round. I had a three parter on the time I was 13 one Christmas and was threatened by the attention my brother’s girlfriend’s daughter was getting and plotted to murder her on a sledding adventure, but I am done with Christmas. When I finish Christmas I REALLY finish Christmas. You’ll have to wait until next year to hear about my Bad Seed years. Admittedly the tree is still up but in my family the tree was always up until January 2nd. It’s part tradition and part laziness. I come by it honestly because I recall one year my mother decorated her browned dessicated Christmas tree with paper hearts because was February 14th. So the tree is up for a bit longer and when I turn on the lights I think it’s a more forgiving light for my skin tone.

It was a good Christmas this year. I hosted dinner along with the new boyfriend for my two friends and I didn’t have my annual holiday meltdown! I come by that honestly too. The year my mother made 50 crab-salad stuffed popovers (HOMEMADE popovers mind you), and our beagle Murray ate them while she disco napped, she took to her bed for three days after nearly skinning our handsome but mischevious beagle. The scream heard on Vine Street that New Year’s eve in 1979 is still discussed by certain town elders.

When Orlando went to pick up my gimpy friend Drew, Drew inquired as to whether I had lost it yet. Orlando knew exactly what he meant and informed him that I was surprisingly together and quite calm. The food prep was hard work but worth it. O and I make a pretty good hosting team. He has some culinary skills and is excellent at the clean up. My clean up skills are severely lacking-as in non existent most days- but he was amazed at just how well I had tidied the apartment for his arrival. He looked at me and said, “ Who are you and what have you done with my boyfriend?” Trust me -I rather would have watched the Ghost Hunters marathon on Christmas Eve instead of cutting zucchini and peeling potatoes. We spent an insane amount of money on food for 4 people but’s the holidays and if I freeze and parcel just right I can stretch this food into February.

My holiday plate wasn’t the only thing filled up this year. I have a lot to be grateful for-really I do. The Bay Area Cub title has afforded a huge group of new friends. I am anxious and excited about my Bearlesque show that will open in April to benefit The New Conservatory Theater at 25 Van Ness right here in San Fran. I said anxious...sometimes I slip into freaked-right-the-fuck-out. I was thinking that this Bay Area Cub title would be the extent of my pageant I was wrong. 2010 is MY year literally! I have a vest that says Bay Area Cub 2010! I gots places to be seen and more scantily clad outfits to be photographed in!!! BUT NOT ONLY THAT- I entered the International Bear Rendezvous Competition. How the hell can I go from Bay Area Cub to International Cub is beyond me, but there it is. What’s next? Cub Universe? And then there are the former Cub contestants of IBR that -quite frankly- look AMAZING. Such beefy uber macho sexy men with these guns of steel that make me go weak in the knees...I AM NOTHING LIKE THEM. I will undoubtedly get lost in the shuffle but I hope to entertain the judges with my humor and my style. Hey - maybe you can show up and cheer me on? I’d like to have a few fans out there as I parade around in man panties.
Before I leave you -one more announcement. I am doing another Talent Search fund raiser for The Lemonade Fund at the Edge here in SF in the Castro. It takes place on Jan 23 at 3pm to 6pm and I need contestants. As many of you know-my 3 contestants at my fundraiser at The Powerhouse all got in the show last November, so your chances are pretty damned good...Let me know if you wanna come and sing a tune and shake your money maker. Would love to meet with you.

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