Thursday, September 10, 2009

On my last Kayak trip with Orlando -I nearly SANK!!! Okay so I exaggerate. Some how my little inflatable Kayak got a little soft. We couldn't find the leak anywhere but the vision of Orlando towing me to shore was ...pretty sexy. My boyfriend has some serious back muscles. I was moments from turning into a taco as the bow of my craft started to go upward..Quite comical. And yes ...I can swim. Hey -I had no choice! The thieves that broke into Lando's car stole the life jacket. We've tallied the cost of the break in to $700.00! Here I thought that my neighborhood was safe..think again.

I have noticed as Orlando and I become more of a couple we get fatter. No kidding ! He's slammed on a record 15 lbs in seven months and I have gained two inches -in my waist. I don't wanna know the pounds but it's getting harder and harder to hide my 7 month pregnancy. Lando is pretty hardcore about the exercise thing. He plays racket ball and sports a colorful array of contusions from being whacked by the ball. He also is a fan of the PX90 work out series. He has all the tapes and did them religiously until he started dating me. I'm a bad influence. I whine "nooooo don't gooooo -stay in bed just a few more minutes..." then nuzzling ensues totally throwing off his schedule. You'd think with all this amorous activity that it would count for some significant calorie burning but no -dammit. We both really enjoy eating. He's not a fan of certain fruits and vegetables that I consider important. He's all meat and potatoes. When I tease him about being the big burly manly man that he is, he translates that into thinking I am calling him an unsophisticated troglodyte. He amazed me recently, by making this simple but elegant Brie with sauteed shallots for my best friend's cocktail Birthday party. My best friend said it was so good it was like God coming in your mouth. He still
gets a little touchy with me when my eyes widen in surprise if he shows an interest in things like artichokes or Pomegranate vinaigrette. I figure one of these days I will surprise him by getting us tickets to the symphony or opera. It's more fun to think of him as a donut eating grease monkey though. I digress- Between the both of us, we have pretty healthy eating habits, but we'd also feel a little better if we were a little lighter. We both have some fitness goals. There are some pants that I paid a lot of money for that I'd like to wear again and he just wants to return to his size that he was 7 months ago.

Fitness is essential here. After all,I am going to dance in my new Bearlesque Show and it makes me nervous that I start to breathe hard after two flights of stairs. Something had to change. Orlando began to cool it on eating so much bread and I went BACK to Gold's Gym! They were offering a pretty good deal for returning members. I am striving for health here not creating a muscle cub. To be honest I don't have 4 hours a day to devote to working out. In order to get that muscle cub takes WORK!! So don't be surprised if you see me pumping iron or trying to figure out how to use the elliptical machine. In fact make a point of saying hi. I could use a friend or two in the environment.

So if you haven't heard- THERE IS GREAT NEWS! My contest-SO YOU THINK YOU'VE GOT FUR?- to be a performer in my troupe is happening Nov 12 at the Power House. YAY!! Scott has graciously agreed to join my event with his underwear night. Proceeds from the event will go to The Lemonade Fund as I had mentioned in my last blog. E-mail me for details on how to enter the contest at If you are a sexy bear or cub with all the moves and a great singing voice, this is the thing for you! If you have been struggling with what to do with your free time, I suggest you look no further. There's plenty of people already involved in chorus, rugby and softball. Tell your honey you have stripper rehearsal. There will be two shows definitely scheduled for late March and early June. All the money we raise from our shows will go to support ailing non-profit theaters.

ALWAYS looking for people for my production team too. We could use some tech sound design artistes! Hope all is well with you and yours...

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